Today we want to share with you some free website speed test tools. Why is speed so important? Well, because Google says so for a start. Site speed is a significant factor in Google’s algorithm, so fast-loading websites can expect to rank higher in the SERPs and attract more visitors. Then there are the user experience considerations. If a site loads quickly, visitors are more likely to stick around, read your content, and ultimately convert. In other words, a lightning-quick website unlocks all the good things that webmasters crave.

However, we’re not here to talk about how to make your website faster as we’ve covered that extensively already. We are here to share with you some tools so that you can tangibly measure your site’s speed and track any improvements. What’s the optimal load time that you should be aiming for with these tools? Well, the faster the better, but most experts suggest that around two seconds is a good target. Remember too that there is a difference between perceived performance and actual performance.

Website Speed Test Tools Index



If you’re trying to speed up your website, it makes sense to use a tool that measures whether your changes have the desired effect and if so, by how much. All 14 of the tools in today’s post will help with that: they will provide you with the all-important top-level performance stats, such as load time, website size, and total requests.

If a lightning-quick website is your priority – and it should be! – make sure you’re using at least one of these tools to quantitatively measure your speed optimization strategy. By now, it should be abundantly clear: website speed is an important component of any successful website. The faster your website, the better your chances of success.

Make sure to also check out our post on how to identify and analyze external services on your WordPress site. What tools do you use for measuring website speed? Share them in the comments below!