Version 1.4.0 – 9 June 14

Added - Percent "%" Sign to "Experiences"
Added - LESS Functionality
Added - Owl Carousel 2 to Portfolio
Added - Owl Carousel 2 to Our Clients
Added - Testimonials Title
Added - Testimonials Panel Subtitle
Added - Search Ability
Added - Page Search-results.html
Added - Freeprefix.js Add Prefix To Unsupported Properties
Added - Twitter API
Added - Pin to Map + POP UP Location
Added - Perfect Responsive Operating to Comments
Added - Comment's Reply Icon
Added - Two Quotation in blockquote
Added - Contact Us Submit Button Turn to (SENDING ...) With Loading in it
Added - More Responsive Operating to All Pages
Added - Exclusive Checkboxs
Added - Faster And Light Weight Style Switcher
Added - jQuery Cookie
Added - Google Analytics
Added - Search Auto Complete
Added - Full Screen Video Background Slider

Improved - Reduced Skin's Size from 216kb to 16.7kb and Increased Load Speed
Improved - All Controls and Theme.js
Improved - Portfolio Hover Effect and Our Member Hover Effect
Improved - Testimonials Tab Changing Effect (fade out)
Improved - Recent Work Title Font Size
Improved - New Project Arrows Color
Improved - Fonts (Seperated FontAwesome from Custom Fonts)
Improved - Carets in Navigations
Improved - Social Icons in Header (Transition Hover Effect and Response-oriented)
Improved - Better Responsive Perating in Navigation
Improved - Newsletter Response-oriented + Optimized for Screen Readers
Improved - Search Function For All Search Inputs
Improved - All Arrows Optimaized
Improved - Video and Audio Player Optimaized
Improved - Video and Audio Player Icons Optimaized
Improved - Blog Navigation Optimized and Now Have Better Responsiveness
Improved - Customized Blog Navigation's Filters
Improved - Customized Twitter Widget (Buttons and Structure)
Improved - Author Info Optimized
Improved - Comments Section Optimized
Improved - Avatars Optimized
Improved - Author Post's Socials Optimized
Improved - Google Map Plugin Optimized (Zoom, Custom Pin, etc...)
Improved - Blog Navigation's Filters Optimized (in Display and etc ...)
Improved - Services Carousel Tab Content Now Have Fade Effect
Improved - Special Widget Optimized
Improved - Services Carousel Now Is Perfectly Responsive
Improved - Portfolio Single Slider's Arrows Customized
Improved - Portfolio Designer Dection Optimized
Improved - MediaElement Organized
Improved - Better Responsive Operating to Blog Left Sidebar
Improved - Screen Readers Improvements
Improved - All Pages Customized and Optimized
Improved - Portfolio Navigation Optimized
Improved - Sliders of Portfolio, New Project, Recent Works All Changed
Improved - CSS and CEO Optimization
Improved - Main Slider (Buttons Works Now)

Fixed - Circles in Footer Had 1px Inset Border
Fixed - Style Switcher in Chrome
Fixed - Changing Color of Knob (Experiences Cirecles)
Fixed - Video Player Volume Range Background
Fixed - Blog.html Font Size Fixed in IE11
Fixed - Blog.html Meta Info Fixed in IE11
Fixed - Audio Player Volume Fixed in IE and Chrome
Fixed - Article's Image Fixed in Chrome
Fixed - Video Player Preloader's Image
Fixed - All Form's Reset Buttons Works Now
Fixed - Services Carousel Fixed in FF and Chrome (1px Offset)
Fixed - Services Carousel Controls Fixed (z-index)
Fixed - All Arrows Fixed in Chrome (they were not centred)
Fixed - Main Slider Buttons Fixed in Chrome
Fixed - Contact Us Image Loading

Updated - Owl Carousel from v1 to v2
Updated - Isotope from 1.5.25 to 1.5.26
Updated - Knob to 1.2.8
Updated - BxSlider 4.1.1 to 4.1.2
Updated - jQuery Updated to New Version
Updated - html5shiv Updated to New Version
Updated - Retina Plugin to v1.3
Updated - Fittex Plugin to v1.2
Updated - Video and Audio Player Updated to 2.14.2


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